Rumble Royale Reigns Supreme at ESGS 2023

Rumble Royale Reigns Supreme at ESGS 2023

Gaming is all about having fun and Rumble Royale knows how to do it best.

If you were in ESGS 2023, chances are you’ve come across Rumble Royale’s massive booth over by the main stage. The group always knows how to bring fun and excitement to any event they go to and that’s no different here. 

The first thing to catch your eye was their little stage. It’s here where the talents and hosts come up to rev up the crowd with some meet and greets, games, and prizes. Fans even got a chance to participate in Rumble Royale’s ultimate gamer tournament: the BATO-BATO PICK BATTLE ROYALE.

Rumble Royale Reigns Supreme at ESGS 2023
Who knew that bato-bato pick could be so intense?

Of course, there was more to do than just hang around the stage. Right around the back were some gaming challenges but with a twist. Consider yourself a Valorant pro? Then see how well you do when you have a drum as one of your controllers. Got speedy typing fingers? How about you try typing fast on a keyboard that’s thrice the regular size?

Rumble Royale Reigns Supreme at ESGS 2023
Win or lose, you got a cool reward for playing.

Even if you were too busy exploring the rest of ESGS 2023, Rumble Royale could still bring excitement to you. Walking around the show floor were portable gaming stations where you and a buddy could play a round of Tekken 7. 

Rumble Royale Reigns Supreme at ESGS 2023
Remember to keep your eyes on the screen. The guy could get a bit shifty.

Fans could even have a chat with Rumble Royale’s loveable mascot, Ran-kun. The virtual idol had her own set-up where people could stop by and interact with the quirky little lady.

Rumble Royale Reigns Supreme at ESGS 2023
Young or old, everyone was welcome to say hi to Ran-kun.

And if you ever needed to take a breather, you could always touch some grass.

Rumble Royale Reigns Supreme at ESGS 2023
It’s kinda like grass. (Photo by Rumble Royale)

You know it’s going to be a good time when Rumble Royale is around, so check them out the next time you see them at an event.

Banner image from Rumble Royale.

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