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The Holiday Playbook: 5 Gifts Every Cyclist Would Love For Their Next Ride

We all know at least one cyclist who hits the road every chance they get. Here are 5 gifts to make their next ride a touch more special.

Cycling has been a growing trend recently. More and more people are hitting the road and loving it, and this holiday season, they’re definitely going to be spending their vacation days on their bikes.

To make them feel special, these are five Christmas gifts that are guaranteed to make them look forward to their next ride, and better yet, enjoy the ride even more.

1. Hypervolt

Cyclists normally put focus on recovering their legs after a long ride. But surprisingly, many wind up neglecting another part that gets strained when biking: the back

After hours of being hunched over, your back can get really tight from cycling. This holiday season, help the cyclist in your life loosen up a little bit more with a Hypervolt.

2. adidas Velosambas

For your cyclist friend or family member who bikes everywhere, get them adidas’ new Velosambas. Unlike normal bike cleats, these look like regular sneakers with a subtle bike clip built into the sole—perfect for on-the-go riders or anyone who likes to work out in style.

3. Garmin Smartwatch

A lot of cyclists love to share their riding experience with others, mostly by posting the map of their bike routes to feel proud of the distances they cover. Let the cyclist in your life track how far they ride, along with a lot more health features, with a brand-new Garmin smartwatch.

4. MAAP Sunglasses

Cycling shades are trending now, and the cyclist in your life can never have too many. Add another pair of shades to their collection with the new MAAP Hypercraft Sunglasses collection. Not only do they come in fun, vibrant colors, but they’re also lightweight and provide great UV protection.

5. Specialized Cycling Jersey

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with adding more apparel to a cyclist’s wardrobe. Especially for riders who hit the road often, a new jersey from the Specialized Prime Series will be a perfect addition. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, so you can pick whatever suits their style best.

Banner image from Specialized PH on Instagram.