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The Holiday Playbook: Go the Extra Mile for the Runner in Your Life With These 5 Gifts

These five gifts for the runners in your life are sure to help them run the extra mile this holiday season.

We all have that one runner in our family or friend group who’s going to get up early on Christmas morning to get their cardio fix before all the holiday celebrations.

This year, you can make their Christmas morning run even more special with these five gifts that will motivate them to run an extra mile or two…

1. Fitbit Smartwatch

Whether it’s for tracking how many calories they burn or counting their steps or distance per run, a Fitbit smartwatch will definitely make any running experience just that much better.

2. Running Belt

For a long-distance runner especially, a running belt will be one of the most useful gifts you can give them this holiday season. Now they can carry water, gels, or even their phone with them while on the go.

3. Recovery Equipment

A runner’s legs can get really tight from frequent runs. This Christmas, give them the gift of recovery with a foam roller for their legs or a foam ball for their feet. They will definitely thank you for it.

4. On Running Shoes

If the runner in your life is hitting the road almost every day, there’s no way they wouldn’t love a brand new pair of shoes, especially if their current pair is getting worn out (chances are, they already are). On Running is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market and are engineered to make it feel like you’re “running on clouds.”

5. JBL Endurance Race

Finally, to keep them company on the road or on the treadmill, get them a new pair of Bluetooth headphones. With their favorite music playing, they might just be able to hit a new personal record.

Which ones will you be giving the runner in your life for their Christmas morning run?

Banner image from On Running on Instagram.