The MPL PH S11 trophy

The MPL Season 11 Playoffs Through the Eyes of a Mobile Legends Noob

Jumping into the world of MPL in the S11 playoffs is one hell of a way to start being a fan of Mobile Legends.

Let’s clear the air first: I’m a complete newbie when it comes to Mobile Legends and the MPL. Dota2 and League of Legends are my games of choice and I’ll admit that some elitism colors my perception of Mobile Legends. 

That being said, I’m not ignorant of the presence of Mobile Legends in the Philippines. After all, how could you if you’re even slightly interested in Philippine esports? But I was there at SMX, I sat in with the crowd, and dove into the season 11 MPL playoffs headfirst. It was a wonderful experience and an eye-opening one at that.

After getting just a glimpse into this community, I can take away three things about the Philippine Mobile Legends scene and why it’s as massive as it is from my first-ever MPL S11 Playoffs experience.

ECHO wins the MPL Season 11 tournament
Now that’s a winning moment right there.
Bigger than you can imagine

It’s no secret that Mobile Legends is a behemoth in the Pinoy gaming community but as the saying goes, you have to see it to believe it. 

Fan board at the S11 playoffs
Messages for the teams — and this wasn’t even during grand finals day.

In fact, the moment you step into that venue in SMX convention center you’ll do more than see it. You can feel it and definitely hear it with every passionate jump and cheer from the fans.

With every takedown, their chants drown out the voices of the casters over the speakers. With every victory, their stomps shake the very floor of the convention center itself. You can’t help but get swept up by the energy of the crowd.

Fans at the MPL Season 11 playoffs
I can still hear them screaming “Break the code!” even now.
Hype and heroics

Of course, the fans aren’t just screaming over nothing. Part of the fun of any sport is celebrating the biggest moments made by the best players. This has nothing to do with the complexity of the game or the medium that it’s played in; when people witness something amazing, they become passionate. It’s just a matter of fact.

Just one of many plays that made me an RSG fan.

People get hyped when their idols or favorite teams do well and that in turn fuels the players to keep pushing themselves. And the Philippines just happens to have some of the best players in Southeast Asia so it’s really easy to find someone or something to be excited about.

Fans of the Hall of Legends inductee, Edward
Fans of the 12th MPL PH Hall of Legends inductee representing.

There’s just something about playing on the biggest stage in front of a crowd that brings out the best in players. The MPL S11 playoffs had more than enough outplays and heroics. I can only imagine what comes next now that season is done and we’re entering the international stage of the competition.

It’s not just the game, it’s the people

Mobile Legends is enjoyed by Pinoy gamers all over the country but I honestly don’t think it would have had this much longevity without the people who prop up the scene. The professional players, the teams, and beyond them are the casters, analysts, showrunners, and content creators. Without them, we wouldn’t have the MPL.

Shoutcasters of the MPL
Show some love to your shoutcasters, people. They work hard to bring you the hype.

It’s a crazy undertaking if you think about it. 11 seasons in the MPL PH and its first official season in the Philippines started in 2018. I have nothing but respect for all the people who gave their blood, sweat, and tears to bring the best Mobile Legends experience out there to the community. 

Pro players make the game look good and the people behind the scenes make everything else look good. Everyone works hard to elevate the game that they love. This is true for any scene, big or small, and Mobile Legends is where it is today thanks to them.

Images courtesy of MPL.

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