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This is When Drive to Survive is Returning and What We Know About Season 5

The hit Netflix documentary series, Drive to Survive, returns with its newest season next month. The latest installment will follow the lives of the Formula 1 drivers throughout the 2022 season.

Formula 1 just released some good news for all their fans: the much-awaited Drive to Survive season 5 is dropping on Netflix on February 24, 2023!

Like the four previous seasons of Drive to Survive, the latest installment will follow the F1 drivers and teams throughout the duration of an entire season with the sport. For season 5, the Netflix team will be showcasing the drama behind the 2022 season.

Just yesterday, Netflix released a teaser trailer showing a little bit of what we can expect in the upcoming episodes.

Check out the teaser trailer here:

Admittedly, the teaser barely scratches the surface of what storylines we’ll soon be privy to. But anyone who tuned into the entirety of last year’s Formula 1 season already has some ideas of what drama will unfold.

However, the one thing that fans are definitely eager to see is Max Verstappen back in the interview chair.

Ever since the first season was released, the two-time World Champion has refused to take part in the subsequent seasons of the documentary. He believed that Drive to Survive sensationalized‘ the storylines of the sport, and publicly shared his thoughts on the matter.

However, he is now the sport’s top driver and has been for two seasons. Thus, his side of the story has become even more important, and we were all excited to see him in the teaser trailer.

After a dramatic 2022 season that saw the retirement of Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari’s downfall, and Max Verstappen’s second world title, Drive to Survive season 5 is sure to give us the nuggets of insider information we’ve been dying to learn about since last year.

And, as the final cherry on top, F1 fans are delighted to find out that the popular docu-series has been confirmed for yet another season.

The first race of 2023 can’t come any sooner.

Banner image from Max Verstappen on Instagram.

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