Serena Williams stars in two Super Bowl commercials in 2023

WATCH: These Athletes Showed Off Their Acting Skills During the Super Bowl

Every year, Super Bowl commercials get better and better. And for this year’s game, these are the athletes who stole the show.

Super Bowl commercials are almost just as exciting as the game itself. And one of the most exciting things about these ads is the personalities that star in them.

This year, the Super Bowl was like a crossover, with several athletes from different sports showing up on our screens in between first downs and touchdowns.

Here are the athletes that stole the show at one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Serena Williams

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams was one of the first athletes to show up in the Super Bowl commercials.

In Rémy Martin’s Super Bowl ad, Williams quotes Al Pacino’s iconic speech from the movie Any Given Sunday. She delivers the words so perfectly, she could probably kill it at American football too.

Serena Williams (again), Jimmy Butler, Canelo Alvarez, and more

Before the second quarter even started, Serena Williams showed up in two Super Bowl commercials already. She was definitely the star athlete of the ad show today.

And in Michelob ULTRA’s commercial, she had some company — NBA star Jimmy Butler and professional boxer Canelo Alvarez to name a couple. But who else did you spot while watching?

Hint: There were more than just three.

The Undertaker and Tony Hawk

In DraftKings’ commercial, it looks like skateboarder Tony Hawk wasn’t invited to Kevin Hart’s Super Bowl party. But one of the WWE’s greatest wrestlers, The Undertaker, certainly was.

Either that or he intimidated his way in. Which would definitely work.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo did an impressive job showing why every NBA player could definitely use a Google Pixel.

Kevin Garnett

The Samuel Adams Super Bowl commercial showcased a “Brighter Boston” — one where Kevin Garnett dresses in turtle necks and glasses and promotes self-help books with a comforting voice.

Which of the entertaining Super Bowl commercials was your favorite this year?

Banner image from Michelob ULTRA’s Super Bowl LVII commercial.

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