Bleed aims to stay at the top in the DPC SEA summer tour

Week 1 DPC SEA Summer Results End in Upsets

Week one is a weak start for the vets.

The DPC SEA summer week one standings are in and it’s a rough start for some of the veterans from the Majors. 

Execration had a disappointing 0-2 week while Team SMG managed to salvage it somewhat with one win. Talon on the other hand is all business, going 2-0 despite some nail-biter games.

Execration and Team SMG’s loss is Blacklist International’s and Bleed Esports’ gain as they sit at the top of the leaderboard together with Talon. Time will tell if they can maintain their positions as there are still two more weeks of games left to play.

Want to catch all the DPC SEA summer action? Check out their official Youtube and Twitch channels.

Banner image from Bleed Esports on Twitter.

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