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Why Dogie’s inclusion in the Hall of Legends is more important than you think

In a list of names that includes MLBB greats such as Ohmyv33nus, KarlTzy, and Ribo, many doubted Nexplay Evos Captain Naser “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio Mollazehi’s addition to the inaugural MPL-PH Hall of Legends.

While some may write him off as solely a successful content creator, true MLBB fans know that “Boss D” was a culture-changing trailblazer of Filipino esports first. Here are just a few of the accolades and feats that make Dogie, a.k.a. Batute, a.k.a. Setsuna Ignacio the legend that he is.

He invested in the scene when no one else would

While Dogie certainly started his career in gaming as a YouTube content creator, the 31-year-old is actually one of the few people in the esports scene who can actually say that they have literally done it all.

After rising from his humble beginnings, Dogie became one of the first MLBB personalities that can truly be considered an owner, a coach, and a manager. Taking on such a role for the inaugural MPL-PH champions, Aether Main would even be one of the first teams to have a functioning bootcamp, thanks to Dogie. 


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Using this experience, Dogie would apply a similar style of management for his future team in Nexplay Evos with a few tweaks.

He’s the first multi-talented esports star

Apart from this, Dogie has also appeared on the panelist desk of the MPL-PH on multiple occasions with much fanfare, as supporters anticipated what his next bombshell quote will be. Uttering the iconic “wala ako kung wala kayo” line of the Season 2 Grand Finals, the Nexplay Evos legend even went on to shoutcast for a full season during Season 4, creating tandems with the likes of Shin Boo “Sh1nboo” Ponferrada and Caisam “Wolf” Nopueto.

Ultimately, the icing on Dogie’s extensive resume would be his pro-player stint with Nexplay Evos, a role he would be able to do in two different seasons. Although they were sparse, these appearances showed that the 31-year-old was no pushover in the game of MLBB, and had the know-how to compete with the best players in the country.

He made Nexplay Evos what it is today

Despite what we could only imagine as a busy schedule for the 31-year-old, Dogie still managed to find time to stream for Nexplay Evos when he joined the team during its infancy in 2019. His consistency in creating content for his supporters allowed Dogie to not just grow his own fanbase, but also that of his players.

In fact, Dogie would also be the one to encourage the trio of Renejay “Renejay” Barcarse, Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera, and John Paul “H2wo” Salonga to diversify themselves beyond playing professionally during their time in Nexplay Evos; urging them to try out pursuits such as streaming and content creation. This advice would prove to be monumental as all three personalities would go on to become the most popular MLBB personalities of today.

MLBB is more than just a game. It’s a community. One can argue all they want about Dogie’s lack of professional playing experience, but they can never deny the fact that Dogie didn’t just take part in the MLBB community’s culture, he molded it and gave it its first breath.

Dogie’s inclusion in the inaugural Ten Legends sets a crucial precedent, as personalities who have made a similar impact in the community may also be recognized as inductees.

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