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14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Athlete You Love Most

On the most romantic day of the year, treat the athlete you love most with one of these 14 Valentine’s Day gifts.

With all the time, sweat, and energy they spend training, every athlete deserves to be treated and feel special every once in a while. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show the athlete in your life how much you love them.

Here are 14 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts that will tell the athlete you love most just how special they are to you.

1. The Hypervolt Go

One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for an athlete is the gift of recovery. The Hypervolt Go is a portable percussion massage that comes in a perfectly compact form so athletes can recover from anywhere. Trust us, percussion massages will be their new favorite way to recover their muscles from a tough workout, as these can promote the release of lactic acid, help in muscle recovery, increase the range of motion, and improve circulation.

Get the Hypervolt from Dan’s Bike Shop.

2. A Day at the Spa

If you want to level up the recovery-related Valentine’s Day gifts, treat the athlete you love to a day at the spa. Everyone deserves a day to be treated, from head to toe. Plus, with a couples massage, it’ll definitely be a win-win for both of you.

Book a couple of treatments at The Spa Wellness.

3. A New Yoga Mat

If you’re in a relationship with a dedicated athlete, chances are, they could really use a brand-new, not-battered yoga mat for their at-home workouts, stretch routines, or recovery days. After all, we all know that one athlete whose yoga mat is just one workout away from crumbling into dust.

Grab a new mat in their favorite color from Certified Calm.

4. A Blender

One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you could give a super-busy athlete is a brand-new blender, especially for those who are obsessed with making their own fruit shakes, smoothie bowls, or protein drinks. (And if they aren’t obsessed yet, this gift will show them the light). The Tefal Fruit Sensation will make their meals that much easier — just throw in your favorite fruits and you’re out the door!

Get a Tefal Fruit Sensation from Rustan’s.

5. The Gift of Fragrance

So that they always smell clean and fresh after every workout, get the athlete you love the most a new signature scent.

Choose from Aesop’s different signature scents.

6. A New Look

Whether you want to get them a comfortable or active look, a brand-new outfit is one of those Valentine’s Day gifts that is sure to be included in the heavy rotation section of their closet. After all, have you ever met an athlete who couldn’t use more workout clothes? We sure haven’t, making this gift a no-brainer.

Check out Aura Athletica’s outfit selections for the best look.

7. A New Workout Bag

Every athlete could always use a new duffel bag because most athletes have probably been using the same bag for years. Spice up their look with something fresh this Valentine’s Day by picking one out in their favorite color, choosing one with more compartments, or getting one that has a specific function for a particular sport (like a tennis bag!).

Check out adidas Philippines’ bag selection.

8. Workout Snacks

We know that athletes can be sticklers for their diets, and rightfully so! Nutrition is work in itself, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t still crave the occasional sweet treat. Give your significant other a basket of healthy treats this Valentine’s Day so that at their next workout, they’ll have something sweet to make them smile.

Get some healthy treats from Healthy Options.

9. New Earphones

Every athlete has a signature playlist that pumps them up for every workout or competition the best. Give them new earphones that will give them a chance to enjoy their playlist even more.

Check out JBL Philippines for their selection of sweat-friendly pairs.

10. Portable Coffee Tumbler

For their energy-boosting coffee that they need to take on the go, get them a brand-new portable coffee tumbler that will make their drink taste a little more special.

Check out Corkcicle’s portable tumblers on Bratpack.

11. A Stylish New Towel

Who says towels have to be boring staples? This Valentine’s Day, why not take one of your significant other’s essentials, like a towel, and level up its style? With Flowe’s unique towel designs are sure to turn heads at their next gym session.

Choose a style from With Flowe’s selection.

12. Colorful Socks

Socks don’t need to be boring, either. In fact, when done right, they can elevate an entire outfit. And as far as Valentine’s Day gifts go, it’s impossible to go wrong with colorful socks. They’re useful, they look cute, and they add a little flavor to any workout outfit.

Get a full box of Recess‘ vibrant socks for your significant other this Valentine’s.

13. Silicone Pouches

If you’re a practical gift giver, among the most functional Valentine’s Day gifts to give an athlete are silicone pouches. With a new pouch that is water resistant, they can easily store their phones, wallets, or other valuables safely, even when it’s underneath the pile of sweaty clothes in their gym bag.

Check out all of Store It’s different choices.

14. A New Smartwatch

Finally, to really treat the athlete that you love most this Valentine’s Day, you can get them a new smartwatch. With this, they can count their steps, track their workouts, and check the time (so they’re never late for a date again).

Check out Fitbit’s selection for the one that will suit them best.

Which gifts are you giving this Valentine’s Day?

Banner images from Corkcicle, Dan’s Bike Shop, and With Flowe on Instagram.

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