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5 Highly-Rated Watches That Might Just Up Your Golf Game

Golf grows with technology, and many sports watches now have features that help golfers grow in their game. Here are some of the best ones on the market.

Like many other sports, golf is one that has grown with the rise of technology. Nowadays, you’ll run into people on the golf course pulling out all kinds of gadgets that can help them track their performance and improve their game. But among the handiest of gadgets you’ll find on the course are watches.

Wearing a watch while playing golf is nothing new. However, there are now many watches with new technology and advanced features that can help you track your game.

If you’re looking for a new toy to bring to your next session, here are some of the top-rated golf watches for you to check out.

TAG Heuer E4 Golf Edition
TAG Heuer E4 Golf Edition
(Photo credit: Tag Heuer)

The TAG Heuer Calibre E4 Golf Edition is a watch that combines both style and function. Its overall design, with its mechanical pushers and black crown gives you the feel and look of a traditional watch, but its features go far beyond.

Among the golf-specific features that this TAG Heuer edition includes are its full shot tracking functionality that tracks your shots from the tee to the green, as well as its digital score-keeping feature, and its accurate 3D renderings of your ball’s trajectory, making your life on the course a lot easier.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Golf Edition
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition
(Photo credit: Samsung)

If you already own a Samsung phone or if you’re an Android user, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Golf Edition is one of the best options for you. The Golf Edition watch has a gold-themed design with many features, such as a pin direction guide, club distance guide, a voice guide, and pin location, among other trackers that can help you improve as a player.

On top of this, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is also a great companion off the course, also including other everyday health features.

However, one drawback to this particular watch is that it is not compatible for iPhone users and is recommended for Android users.

Bushnell ION Elite
Bushnell ION Elite
(Photo credit: Bushnell Golf on Instagram)

If you’re looking for a golf watch that leans slightly more toward the affordable side, the Bushnell ION Elite Golf GPS gives you a lot of value for your money, especially if you’re new to the game.

The Bushnell watch comes preloaded with over 38,000 courses around the world, includes Bushnell Golf’s patented Slope Technology, and has its own Shot Planning feature that helps you get accurate distances to any point. Plus, one of the main things users love most about this particular gadget is its ease of use, even despite its advanced features.

Garmin Approach S70
Garmin Approach S70
(Photo credit: Garmin Philippines)

Garmin is one of the most well-loved smartwatch brands for any kind of sport.

The Garmin Approach S70 is a premium golf watch with highly advanced features. Among those that golfers love, the Approach S70’s best include its club recommendations based on wind, elevation, and your swing, as well as its hazard view, green feature view, and its accurate distances from the front, middle, and back of the green.

On top of all its golf-related features, this watch also has other Garmin staples, such as a heart rate tracker, energy and mood tracker, and a sleep monitor, making it a great compaion off-course too.

TecTecTec Ult-G GPS Golf Watch
TecTecTec Ult-G GPS Golf Watch
(Photo credit: American Golf)

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense watch, go for the TecTecTec ULT-G GPS. While it doesn’t have the most colorful screen and isn’t the most advanced one on the market, it does the job in a simple and straightforward way.

The ULT-G features 38,000 golf courses round the world, an easy-to-use GPS, front, back, and center yardages, and distance tracking, among other features. And despite its monochromatic and simple screen, you can also pair it to your phone on its app for more detailed information on your game.

With many golf watches on the market to choose from, these are five great ones that can get you started.

Banner image from Bushnell Tag Heuer on Instagram.

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