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Devin Booker is a style icon in the NBA

5 Ways Devin Booker Pulls Off Less-is-More Fashion Perfectly

Devin Booker has become a fashion icon in the NBA without ever being too loud with his style choices. Here’s how he does it.

In an era of fashion that has been defined by maximalism and extravagant pieces, Devin Booker appears to be among those who are partial to a more minimalist style. And ironically, with all the louder looks that surround him, particularly in the NBA fashion scene, his preference for simplicity stands out.

Known for his uncomplicated fashion choices, Devin has shown time and time again that less truly can be more.

Let’s take a closer look at how he pulls it off.

His neutrals aren’t boring
Devin Booker is a style icon in the NBA.
(Photo credit: Phoenix Suns on Instagram)

If you pay attention to the NBA tunnel fashion shows, you probably know that at some point, graphic tees were all the rage. And just because Devin Booker’s simplicity in style stands out does not mean he doesn’t get with the trends too — he just does it a little bit differently.

With this look, he manages to tie the neutral colors of his clothing pieces seamlessly. The shades of white and brown on the print of his graphic tee match those of the colors on his cap and the white of his sneakers. Placing them all on top of pair of light-wash denim jeans, the entire fit looks clean.

Effortless, but at the same time, it doesn’t look like he just threw it on and hoped for the best.

He never overdoes it
Devin Booker shows off a fashionable style choice with his bright colored outfit.
(Photo credit: Phoenix Suns on Instagram)

Even though everyone knows how Devin Booker rocks a neutral style, with his baggy and boxy shirts, and his relaxed-fitting pants, he can go the other direction just as easily.

With this outfit, he lets the pieces do the talking. A bright neon jacket needs no introduction — it steals attention right off the bat, and Devin certainly knows this, adding nothing more than a plain white tee to make the color stand out.

But with flat yet striking colors on the top half, he brings in a little fun on the bottom half, going for a pair of light denim pants with details of colored stitched patterns. There is certainly a lot of fun in this whole look, but the bright colors and the playful details go together so that it doesn’t look overdone.

He plays with staples
Devin Booker is a style icon in the NBA
(Photo credit: Phoenix Suns on Twitter)

We all have these pieces in our closets. A button-down collared shirt, a hoodie, a pair of slacks, a cap, and a pair of timeless sneakers. These are all fashion staples. And with this look, Devin Booker proves that you don’t always need high-fashion brands in the name of style.

Playing with the layering of his clothes, he wears his button-down (buttoned all the way up!) over his hoodie and lets the hood pop out over his baseball cap. The black hoodie ties in with his black slacks and sneakers.

It’s an easy look to put together, but it still looks fashionable.

He lets the details shine
Devin Booker shows off his simple style choices.
(Photo credit: Devin Booker on Instagram)
Devin Booker shows off his Patek Philippe watch.
(Photo credit: Devin Booker on Instagram)

There isn’t much to say about this outfit, and at this point, we have clearly established that Devin Booker is a master at keeping things simple. But the one thing we can learn from his fashion choices is that when you go for less, the bigger details get a chance to shine.

Spending a night out on a boat, Devin is sporting a dark suit with a tank top underneath his jacket — not doing too much. And in not doing too much, the details of his accessories can come out even more, like the highly valuable watch that he’s flexing on his wrist.

When an accessory costs as much as a Patek Philippe, you’ll want it to be the star of the show.

He never tries too hard
Devin Booker shows off his simple fashion choices.
(Photo credit: Phoenix Suns on Instagram)

Indeed, Devin Booker has earned the title of ‘style icon.’

Of course, we will never know for sure if he spends two minutes or two hours choosing an outfit. But even so, no matter what he puts together, he always manages to fall somewhere in between looking like he is trying too much and looking like he is trying too little.

He fits in that sweet spot where everything looks classily intentional. And the best part is, as he is always sporting some of the simplest looks in the NBA, it isn’t too hard to follow in his lead, embracing a less-is-more philosophy in style.

Banner image from Devin Booker on Instagram.

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