A Look Back on How ECHO Became the M4 World Champions 

A Look Back on How ECHO Became the M4 World Champions 

It was only a few months ago when ECHO earned their title of World Champions.

ECHO’s M4 Champion skin was recently revealed by Moonton Games earlier this week. Celebrating the third-ever Philippine team to become Mobile Legends world champions, the Chou “ECHO” skin is filled with references and designs that capture the energy of the Purple Orcas.

This championship skin was hard won by ECHO who came into M4 as second fiddle to Blacklist International. Many saw Blacklist, the then MPL PH champions and defending world champions, as clear favorites to take M4, not unless ECHO had something to say about it.  

Sailing Through Groups

The group stage of M4 went mostly as expected. With the exception of America’s The Valley, the strongest regions made it to the upper bracket of the playoffs. ECHO was already impressing everyone as they topped their group with a convincing 3-0 standing.

Playoffs started rocky for them as they ran into fierce resistance against Malaysia’s Team HAQ. That series went the distance and ECHO were already getting pushed to their limit so early into the brackets. Still, the team didn’t falter and managed to seal game five with one of the fastest games in M4.

Facing Their Demons

The semifinals went smoother for ECHO as they took down Indonesia’s ONIC Esports 3-1. The real challenge, however, awaited them in the upper bracket finals as they would face Blacklist. Not only were Blacklist the defending world champions, but they also handily defeated ECHO in the MPL PH finals 4-2.

Unfortunately for ECHO, it looked like history was about to repeat itself in M4. They got knocked into the lower bracket after losing to Blacklist 2-3. They would defeat RRQ Hoshi, the last hope of Indonesia, in the lower finals to get one last chance to beat their rivals.

The excitement from Filipino fans was at an all-time high. Once again, the Mobile Legends world champions were going to be determined from an all-Pinoy grand final. Who could’ve predicted how that finals match would turn out? Even from the people who had faith that ECHO could finally overcome Blacklist, who would’ve believed them if they said it would be a 4-0 sweep?

The championship run made by ECHO was truly one for the history books. A team that everyone said was the second best proved that they are the best. ECHO earned their M4 Champion skin in a fashion that left little room for doubt.

Banner image from Moonton Games.

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