A Quick Look at Pheww and Icey, AP.Bren’s Very Own Power Couple

A Quick Look at Pheww and Icey: AP.Bren’s Very Own Power Couple

Love, passion, and commitment can go beyond the games we play.

In the Philippine Mobile Legends scene, there’s no bond stronger than the one shared by AP.Bren’s Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel and Icey Vallesteros. The two have been together for every success and failure, through thick and thin, and prove that true love can bloom in esports.

The couple have been together for five years, going on to six this year. Essentially, the two have been together even back in the early years of professional Philippine Mobile Legends. Pheww was still playing for Digital Devils Pro and was already making a name for himself. The team finished second in the very first season of the MPL Philippines and got second again in MSC 2018.

In 2020 Pheww joined (then known as) Bren Esports while Icey’s streaming and content creation career was in full swing. The two’s lives seemed to only get busier and busier but this dynamic duo always had each other’s back, even when times were looking dire for Bren Esports.

A Quick Look at Pheww and Icey, AP.Bren’s Very Own Power Couple
Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel (left) and Icey Vallesteros at the MPL Philippines S12 playoffs. (Photo by Icey)

Before AP.Bren had their year of success the team had suffered two years of disappointing local and international results. Back-to-back bottom-of-the-barrel regular season finishes are enough to drive anyone to retirement but Pheww and Icey persevered. Thanks to Icey’s constant and outspoken support of Pheww and AP.Bren, the team was able to make the biggest bounce back in professional Mobile Legends history.

A Quick Look at Pheww and Icey, AP.Bren’s Very Own Power Couple
AP.Bren at the M5 World Championship Gala. (Photo by Icey)

Pheww and Icey’s relationship really is the perfect example of a power couple in esports. Time and again they’ve held each other up and that’s all you really need in a relationship.

Banner photo by MPL Philippines.

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