Here Are Some Of The Most Memorable Moments Of 2023 MSC

Here Are Some Of The Most Memorable Moments Of 2023 MSC

2023 MSC was filled with drama and intense competition, and we still have the World Championships to look forward to later this year.

Even though it’s just the mid-season event, the 2023 MSC was filled with many unforgettable moments. Whether you were at the tournament in the flesh or watched through a screen, you could definitely feel the rush of every play, the highs of every win, and the lows of every loss. 

Here are some moments that highlighted the passion within Mobile Legends esports at 2023 MSC.

The Team Entrances

All teams walked towards the main stage proudly bearing the flags of their countries before wishing each other good luck before the start of a match, and the crowds greeted them with loud cheers, resembling the entrances of boxers before a big fight.

2023 MSC Highlights
Tristan “YAWI” Cabrera leads ECHO to the main stage.
2023 MSC Highlights
BURN x FLASH, Cambodia’s MPL champions, walk to the stage.
2023 MSC Highlights
Fenix Esports and RSG Slate SG salute each other before a match.
The Adrenaline Rush

Mobile Legends is a stressful game, and if you’ve ever played casually, you would know this. So imagine playing at the highest level. Teams need to have the mentality and confidence in knowing that they’re the best and can beat the best in order to come out on top.

Thus, whenever a team reaches success, especially after a hard-fought match, you can imagine the adrenaline rush that unleashes.

2023 MSC Highlights
RSG Slate SG celebrate after win.
2023 MSC Highlights
Blacklist International hype themselves up for their next match.
The Fans

You can never count out the support of the fans who may be nearly as passionate for the sport as the teams they are supporting. The energy they bring into the arena (and even through online support) can push a team to go farther than expected.

2023 MSC Highlights
The Blacklist Agents are out in force in Cambodia.
2023 MSC Highlights
Fans cheer for the MPL Indonesia champions, ONIC Esports.
2023 MSC Highlights
Filipino caster Manjean Faldas reveals the grand finals script.
The Winning Moment

No one could doubt the drive ONIC had throughout the tournament and we see the culmination of their efforts here at this moment — their championship moment.

There is no doubt that this is a triumph that these players will look back on with pride for the rest of their lives.

2023 MSC Highlights
ONIC Esports raise the 2023 MSC trophy.
2023 MSC Highlights
ONIC Esports coach Paul “Yeb” Miranda and Filipino caster Caisam “Wolf” Nopueto celebrate at the end of the tournament.

Want to relive all these moments from 2023 MSC? Check out the MLBB eSports Youtube channel.

Images from Moonton Games.

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