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Last-minute gifts for athletes

Last-Minute Shopping? Here Are Some Simple Gifts Any Athlete Would Love

Still struggling to find a great gift for the athlete in your life? Here are some simple finds for crunch-time shopping.

Did you put your gift shopping on hold until the last second? We’ve got some simple gift ideas that aren’t hard to find, but that the athlete in your life will surely love and better yet, put to good use.

Here are seven things you can add to your shopping list!

Last-minute gifts for athletes - outwear from Recess
(Photo credit: Recess)

You can’t go wrong with outerwear. Any athlete could always use another jacket, hoodie, pair of joggers, or anything that will get them from court to couch (or vice versa) in the most comfortable yet stylish way possible. You can even go the extra mile and get them a set of coordinates.

A new water jug
Last-minute gifts for athletes - Corkcicle water jug
(Photo credit: Corkcicle PH on Instagram)

If you want to go for a no-fail last-minute gift, a good quality water jug will always put a smile on an athlete’s face. But our tip is to go for a water jug that will make their life on the court or the pitch easier — choose a jug that will keep their drink cold all day long and that is easy and convenient to carry around.

A fresh batch of supplements
Last-minute gifts for athletes - Amino Kick NutraBio
(Photo credit: Nutrition Depot on Instagram)

If you know what supplements they’re taking, a great last-minute gift for the athlete in your life would be to simply replenish their supply. They’ll love that you’ve saved them another trip to the store. But if you don’t know what they take, you can’t go wrong with simple protein snacks, healthy energy drinks, or even a new batch of vitamins.

A motivational book
Last-minute gifts for athletes - LeBron James book
(Photo credit: Fully Booked on Instagram)

Books are a great resource that many athletes turn to for inspiration, so this holiday season, you can gift them one that you think they’ll love! Our tip is to go for one written by an athlete they admire or a bestselling self-help book.

If you’re not sure what book to get, you can check out our guide on motivational books for athletes here!

Cetaphil Sunscreen
(Photo credit: Cetaphil on Instagram)

This holiday season, remind the athlete in your life that part of their overall physical health is also their skin health with a gift as simple as sunscreen. Athletes are frequently out in the sun, and their skincare should be a priority!

Angkan Coffee Beans
(Photo credit: Angkan on Instagram)

Every athlete needs a little jolt of energy, especially when they’re training early in the morning. Go grab a fresh bag of coffee for them so they can start the new year with a boost of energy!

A fitness class pass
Soulspace Yoga BGC
(Photo credit: Soulspace Yoga on Instagram)

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time with the athlete you love most, you can get them a pass to a workout class you know they’ll enjoy, whether it’s yoga, cycling, or a HIIT class. It’ll be a great way for them to either wind down or cross-train (and plus, it’s a great excuse to grab a meal together afterward).

Which gifts are you adding to your list?

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