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Sneaker Talk: How Does Alyssa Valdez Choose What Kicks To Wear?

Alyssa Valdez has a vast sneaker collection, and she tells The GAME what matters to her when she chooses which pairs to wear.

From her days as a college volleyball player competing for the Ateneo Lady Eagles to taking on the role of captain for the women’s national volleyball team, Alyssa Valdez has grown to become one of the Philippines’ most well-known and beloved athletes. But, her influence goes far beyond the world of sports.

Alyssa Valdez has built a cult following throughout her journey as a volleyball player. Across three of her main social media platforms, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, she has amassed over three million followers in total. And one aspect of Alyssa’s public persona that her fans love to see is her fashion sense.

The Creamline Cool Smashers captain frequently posts photos and videos of her outfits, whether she’s in activewear or a full-on red-carpet look. So, we wanted to dig a little bit deeper into this side of Alyssa Valdez, particularly in her shoe collection.

Alyssa has a lot of great sneakers in her collection, as is easy to see on her Instagram, but we wanted to know, what does she look for in every pair?

Simple yet stylish
Alyssa Valdez in the FIBA World Cup Draw
Alyssa sporting her Nike Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1s at the FIBA World Cup Draw earlier this year.

When The GAME got to sit down with Alyssa Valdez, she was wearing her Nike Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 shoes — a very special pair that she’s been spotted in several times on her social media pages. This is one of her go-to’s.

“It’s very basic, I would say, but on fire all the time when you wear it, that’s why I’ve been using it,” she shared with us, and though her favorites are constantly changing, at the time, these were one of her favorite pairs. “It’s very comfy and easy to pair with.”

This is something important to Alyssa Valdez when it comes to choosing her sneakers — they have to be both comfortable and stylish, while also relatively simple.

When it comes to choosing what kinds of shoes to add to her sneaker collection, Alyssa reveals, “I would definitely go for something basic and something that can go along with any outfit. As an athlete, we’re always on the go, we wear shorts and pants and basic outfits — or actually, that’s just me. But so, I would choose something basic as well.”

Alyssa Valdez Shoes: Air Jordan 1s Low
Alyssa Valdez opts for more simple shoes, such as these all-white classics.
Alyssa Valdez Shoes: Air Jordans
Whether she wants to add a pop of color or not, most of Alyssa’s shoes are iconic models.
Alyssa Valdez has a big collection of shoes and sneakers
Alyssa Valdez has a vast sneaker collection, but her taste remains distinguishable.

It’s no wonder, then, why you’ll often spot Alyssa Valdez in sneakers that are simple, yet get the job done, style-wise. Based on what we see on social media, she’s got several pairs of classic Jordans, both high and low cut, pain white kicks, and other timeless pieces, like the Air Force 1s.

We love it when athletes share their shopping tips and secrets with us. But Alyssa revealed a not-so-well-known fact about her own shopping habits.

“Fun fact — I don’t do a lot of shopping,” Alyssa shared. “But, I do always order food online.” Her go-to is Japanese food.

Images from Alyssa Valdez on Instagram.

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